Release Manager Job Description
Release Manager Job Description
By Release Manager
There are three types of releases that are worked through release management: major releases, involving new features and enhancements; minor releases involving minor enhancements and defect repairs; and patch releases involving critical and major defect repairs. Release management has emerged as a management discipline that draws on elements of project management, requirements management, configuration management, software quality assurance, quality control and IT architecture.

• Maximise through put, productivity and profitability of the technology team.
• Plan, manage and stabilise technology team releases / timeboxes using agile approach.
• Collaborate with technical / production architects and web developers in the definition andbreakdown of releases, ensuring fully understood by all and smoothly transitioned.
• Manage team activity focused on reacting and adapting to this week’s demands, planning nextweek’s work and stabilising last week’s work.
• Support the completion of weekly resourcing / capacity processes for technology team
• Manage, monitor and report on technology team confidence / risk and task variances,handling any team escalations with Program Managers.• Generate enthusiasm among team members and facilitate effective team interaction.
• Review work of team and oversee the quality assurance.
• Plan and manage Appius business systems projects.
• Plan and manage Appius client hosting infrastructure projects.
• Liaise with company suppliers for prompt rectification of problems.


• Technology team gross profit and gross margin
• Volume of productive hours or “throughput” managed
• Release recovery ratios and confidence levels


• Excellent communication skills, people management and leadership skills
• Excellent project management using agile methods for IT projects
• Excellent organisational and time management skills
• Experienced .Net, MS SQL and Web Services Development
• Experienced in Windows Server 2003/8, IIS 6/7, hosting, DNS and network configuration
• Useful also content management solutions, Ektron, SiteFinity, DotNetNuke.
• Useful also version control systems, Subversion and SourceSafe
• Good use of Microsoft Office applications and development tools